Comprehensive Financial Service Provider

Specialises in instant online-finance business, which covers consumer finance, personal credit, small and micro loan, crypto loan etc.

About $P

A Fintech platform that is powered by Blockchain, AI, and Big Data technology.

$P is an Fintech company that powered by blockchain, AI, and Big Data technology to provide instant online-finance business, which covers consumer finance, personal credit, small and micro loan, crypto loan etc.

The company also provides product development, volume acquisition, marketing operations, management monitoring and other services.

Southeast Asia

$P Markets

Since 2015, The team marched into Southeast Asian financial market, relying on its extensive business experience and proven technological achievements.

We built personal credit solution products, and Internet insurance products based on block chains and big data smart technology to solve the problems of high threshold and low coverage of financial services in Southeast Asia, so that everyone can easily enjoy the convenience brought by development of science and technology and get free and equal access to financial services. Eventually, we can help users in Southeast Asia achieve the vision of a better life.


Platform that enhances financial business.

$P is poised to emerge as the leading financial provider by utilising emerging technologies to enhance financial activities and services.

Secure Loans (Low NPL Rate)

Secure & Seamless Recollection, Secure Customer Base, Optimized Pre-Approval Credit Screening and repayment reception prior to conventional banks and lenders.

Data Optimisation

Having sufficient data of borrowers allows us to optimize user experience and loan disbursements, expanding our loan offerings to new products such as housing and motor vehicles loans.

Low Operation Cost

Automated Recollection System.

Market Access

Our understanding of the domestic lending industry and extensive database of borrowers allows us to penetrate the market & scale.

Powered by Blockchain Technology

Using Blockchain to record all data. And create trust and reliability.
$P Wallet

Crypto-Backed Loan Platform

With Fintech background , blockchain technology and crypto market experience, $P launched $P Wallet, the world‘s leading instant cypto-backed loan platform to address following problems in the markets.

Problem: Idle Value of Digital Assets
Solution: Unlock the Value of Digital Assets

Instead of simply holding idle digital assets, investors, miners and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to set up an instant crypto loan with $P, combining the best of both worlds -- hodl-ing their crypto assets and having access to instant cash. Simply transfer crypto assets to $P accounts and access to instant cash.

Problem: Slow Liquidation Process
Solution: Quick Access to Cash

$P’s clients are able to receive cash instantly anywhere around the globe, seize investment opportunities, and meet liquidity needs immediately. While withdrawing large amounts of cash is more conveniently done via bank transfers, $P’s retail clients have the option to use the free $P card for their day-to-day expenses.

Problem: Loss of Ownership
Solution: Retain Ownership

Clients retain 100% ownership of their digital assets. By making use of $P’s instant crypto loan rather than selling, they keep the entire capital gains and accompanying benefits from their digital assets. $P’s clients can enjoy their crypto wealth immediately, without having to sell their digital assets.

Problem: Cumbersome Credit Checks
Solution: No Credit Checks

$P does not perform any credit checks that could damage the credit rating of its clients, as the crypto loan is completely secured by the value of the digital assets stored in the $P Account.

Problem: Lack of Trust and Transparency
Solution: Transparent Blockchain Contracts

Ownership of digital assets is secured and guaranteed by transparent loan contracts, which will ultimately be stored on the Blockchain where it is technologically possible.

$P Ecosystem

$P Token ($T)

$P Platform adopt the same model like Binance using $P TOKEN ($T) as a crypto reward in the system. $T is a token that allows commoners to be part of a consumer finance industry without having to commit to heavy financial outlay, nor the need to apply for a Money Lender‘s license.

Every quarter, $P will use 30% profit of as a dividend to $T holder via airdrop. And also, $T can be use as Loan Service Fee. In future, $T will be the token circulating in $P ecosystem relating to other financial services.

Loan Service Fee Charge

All the Loan Service fees will have significant discount if using $T to pay.

Company Buyback

Every quarter, $P will use 30% profit of as a dividend to $T holder via airdrop
$P Token

$T Loyalty Program

$T is also used in a four-tier Loyalty program, comprising Base, Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels, which extends benefits depending on the amount of $P Tokens you hold across your $P Savings and Credit wallets, as combined in the Portfolio Balance.

The Portfolio Balance is the combined value in USD of all the assets (crypto, stable coins and fiat) in both your Credit Line AND Savings wallets.

The Loyalty program bases rewards tiers on the ratio of $T vs. the value of all the assets in your Portfolio Balance, which must be at least 1%, 5% or 10% respectively for each tier.

Development Roadmap

Our Team

Expertise in Various Fields

Alan Hung

Expertise in investment banking and blockchain

Nicholas Ng
Managing Partner

A veteran in the financial industry

Kim Chua

Corporate finance, institutional & sales trading

Gleb Udovychenko

Crypto trader, licensed representative

Artem Rozov

Business development & partnership management

Artem Gordadze

C-Suite executive, blockchain startups, crypto exchanges